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Aquapac Handheld Case

Other BlackBerry accessories by Aquapac
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Part# A593
Mnf# Aqua-348

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BlackBerry Aquapac Handheld Case

Product Description

The Aquapac case is fully waterproof to a depth of 15 feet. It is also salt-water and UV (sunlight) resistant, this case will keep most BlackBerry clean and dry in any conditions, the Aquaclip seal makes sure it stays free from dirt, dust and sand. The Aquapac is a tough, waterproof plastic sheath with a patented Aquaclip Locking Closure System. It comes with a carry cord and most BlackBerry can still be used while in the case through the special window, even phone calls can be received and placed, although the microphone's sensitivity is somewhat reduced.

With the Aquapac you will never have to worry about taking most BlackBerry to the beach or on the boat again!

  • Includes a stylus holder
  • Guaranteed 100% waterproof to 5 metres (15 feet)
  • Dust and sand-proof
  • Your device will float in water
  • Suitable for the BlackBerry and other Smartphones, MP3 players, smaller cameras etc.

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Star Star Star Star Star Works great!
User: Mark T, Feb 4, 2009
Pros: Water damage a thing of the past!
Cons: a little bit like a nerdy pocket protecter....
Tried this out in a hot tub ( even though it says hot water is bad) and it worked great. All buttons and touch screen work perfectly through the case and not the slightest bit of moisture got in. I didnt try making a phone call to see how the mic worked but you can text so why call?
Star Star Star Star Star Best thing ever?
User: Ryan W, Jun 14, 2010
I ordered one of these for my Blackberry Storm 2. Spent all day at the lake with my phone around my neck playing Pandora radio under the water for everyone, and taking pictures (although a little difficult while swimming) and videos of friends under water! Great stuff!
Star Star Star Star Star Ugly... big -- but really good!!!
User: Sausage M, Apr 14, 2009
I purchased one of these for my brand new Storm... I needed some serious protection.

I spend a lot of time in the sand, out in Glamis, California where the roost from paddle tires is big, and the wind carries fine silt everywhere you can imagine. The last thing I wanted was a bunch of dust and screwed up buttons like I had on my old phone.

I purchased to Aquapac handheld case before my first trip out with my phone. I tested its waterproofing by placing a paper towel inside the case then stuffing it underwater. No leaks.

I decided to try putting my phone under 6 inches of water... no leaks... but I did find that the touch screen doesnt work when submerged I guess I cant go diving and check my email at the same time. From there, I took the phone into the shower with me to play some music, with the lanyard attached to the shower head, I was able to rock out while getting ready for work.

Since I found that it was sufficiently waterproof, I felt comfortable taking it into the desert/dunes environment. It withstood being shoved into my pocket (that had traces of sand in it -- remember that sand gets everywhere... yes even there), it went in the buggy with me, to the campfire and all over the dunes. I was able to use it without any worry of destroying my brand new phone.

Ive tried the Ziploc bag method but the bags were just too weak and would end up with little holes from the sands abrasive qualities. This case went everywhere with me and came out looking like the day I got it. Most importantly the same can be said about my Storm.
Star Star Star Star Star Does what it claims to.
User: John P, Aug 7, 2010
Pros: Water tight, handy lanyard
Cons: In high humidity, the clarity of the bag can hinder photo taking slightly. Feels somewhat flimsy at first glance.
I personally love the thing. Does what it claims to do. Arrived on time for the trip I wanted to use it for. I checked the reviews before making my purchase and didnt see one negative one about it. I sure dont have anything bad to say either.
Star Star Star Star Star Simply Amazing
User: Nathaniel T, Aug 21, 2010
Pros: One of the best things ever mad for a phone
Cons: NONE
i work on the beach in Panama City,Fl. Im on a jet ski 10 hours a day and this is one the best investments Iv ever made.
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