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Ballistic Endo Case

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BlackBerry Ballistic Endo Case

Product Description

The Ballistic Endo Case is a light and durable case for most BlackBerry. The patented glide rail technology case is made with super slick glide tech resin so your phone opens and closes with ease.

The Endo Case is made with a soft, flexible TPU outside, combined with a very durable polycarbonate internal skeleton! It has a polycarbonate internal support structure-providing the utmost protection from every angle.

The GRT case attaches to itself-not most BlackBerry-so there's no need to stress over any scratches. The best part about this case is that it protects your phones slider mechanism from wearing over time.


  • Light and durable
  • Super slick glide resin
  • Flexible TPU material
  • Polycarbonate internal skeleton
  • Custom fit to BlackBerry

CrackBerry Expert Review

Review: Ballistic Endo Case for the BlackBerry Torch 9800/9810
Reviewed by Alicia Erlich
The Ballistic Endo Case for the Torch 9800/9810 is a tough, durable case that when paired with the holster offers maximum protection for your device. Unlike other cases that use small tabs to adhere to the Torch's slider, this case uses a unique glide rail system. What this means is that it connects to itself, not your device. It's sturdier than other cases whose top cover easily pops off during regular use.

The one thing I asbolutely adore is that there is NO FREEZING. I repeat, this case will not lock up, freeze, or otherwise jam up your device requiring multiple battery pulls to fix. While other cases, like the Seidio Innocase Active, can be too tight and press on the lock button or keyboard this is snug without the hassle. Definitely a huge plus in my book and one I'm sure you'll apprecicate.


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32 total ratings
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28% rated Score 4/5 Score 4/5 Score 4/5 Score 4/5 51
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Star Star Star Star Star Great Product
User: Kenny H, Apr 27, 2012
This product is great! I bought an Otter Box when I purchased my 9810. It didnt last a month. AT&T replaced it twice and then I bought the Endo Case and that was the end of my problems. I work outside in all weather conditions. I work in rough terrain and brushy areas. This product has been put to the test and survived.
Star Star Star Star Star Ballistic Endo Case for BlackBerry Torch 9800
User: Daniel B, May 29, 2012
I loved almost everything about this case and belt clip except for one thing, the release mechanism on the belt clip releases the encased phone too easily, making for some instances of the phone falling to the ground. If the mechanism could be adjusted to eliminate unwanted release from the belt clip, this item would easily get a 5 star rating from me.
Star Star Star Star Star Exceptional case for my torch.
User: Mark , Dec 24, 2011
Pros: Outstanding protection
Cons: Ads some difficulty typing on the top row of the slide open keyboard
Have had one "fallout" from the case, but I believe I hit the release. The clip that holds the phone could be stiffer and be lengthened slightly to grip the phone tighter. The thickness of the bottom edge of the slider reduces the already limited room available to press the top row of keys but it is not a significant problem.
I highly the case.
Star Star Star Star Star Accessable
User: Drew C, Nov 10, 2011
Pros: Easy to access, protective
Cons: Case infringes on some keys
My original leather case was literally dematerializing. I was about to lose the magnet that held the flap in place. The Endo case arrived just in time. Very easy to setup. So far no accidental ejections from the case as happened with previous holder. One drawback is it is difficult to press the top row of keys on the slide out keyboard because of interference from shell. Also when scrolling down on the trackball my thumb is impeded by the shell. Part of the problem is my fat fingertips. Another postive is the internal track of the case. My phone was beginning to loosen when sliding out. With the new case, this should extend the life of the phone.
Star Star Star Star Star Not too shabby for 9800
User: Nathan T, Oct 31, 2011
Pros: Durable, Good feel, Slides easy
Cons: Weak fit in belt clip
Over all I am happy with this purchase. The case itself has a good fit and isnt too bulky (my biggest concern when ordering). It snaps together nicely and the internal slide is smooth while adding only slightly more resistance than the phone slide itself. When dropped the case will come apart but that actually helps dissapate energy, and it snaps right back together. The only minor complaints I have is that the case doesnt fit tighly in the belt clip and the bottom of the slider makes it a little tougher to use the top row of keys. Nothing major.
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