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BlackBerry Cases

Top 10 Cases for BlackBerry

1Amzer Pudding TPU CaseAmzer Pudding TPU Case

This custom BlackBerry skin case goes on as easy as pudding goes down! The Amzer Pudding Case protects your device from corrosion and abrasions in a slim and simple profile. Made from multiple thermoacrylics, this BlackBerry skin case is highly elastic a...(More)

 Score 4.8/5Score 4.8/5Score 4.8/5Score 4.8/5Score 4.8/5 (4 Ratings)
2Amzer Shellster ShellCase w/ HolsterAmzer Shellster ShellCase w/ Holster

The Amzer ShellCase with Holster combines the protection of a shell case and the power of a clip stand holster. The form fit rear shell is impact resistant for complete protection and quickly slides in and out of the holster for instant phone access. The...(More)

 Score 3.8/5Score 3.8/5Score 3.8/5Score 3.8/5Score 3.8/5 (33 Ratings)
3BlackBerry Flip Shell CaseBlackBerry Flip Shell Case

The BlackBerry Flip Shell case offers full protection around your BlackBerry in a durable, lightweight shell made from hand-crafted, genuine leather. The front of the case flips down, exposing the screen and keyboard of your BlackBerry. The message notif...(More)

 Score 4.2/5Score 4.2/5Score 4.2/5Score 4.2/5Score 4.2/5 (30 Ratings)
4Amzer Border CaseAmzer Border Case

The search is over for a beautifully crafted border case for your BlackBerry! Made from a glossy and matte double molded polycarbonate, this frame conforms perfectly around the BlackBerry to provide casual protection against minor drops. The bumper even ...(More)

 Score 5/5Score 5/5Score 5/5Score 5/5Score 5/5 (1 Ratings)
5BlackBerry Leather Swivel Holster for BlackBerry Z30 / Verizon Z306BlackBerry Hard Shell Case for Passport
BlackBerry Leather Swivel Holster for BlackBerry Z30 / Verizon Z30

The BlackBerry Leather Swivel Holster brings out your professionalism while keeping your device completely protected at your side. Made from hand-crafted, genuine leather, this OEM pouch features a beautiful textured exterior that feels as good as it loo...(More)

BlackBerry Hard Shell Case for Passport

You've got your new BlackBerry Passport but need a way to protect it from unwanted damage without making it look like a bulky monstrosity. You're in luck because there's an OEM solution for you that not only looks great, but provides unmatched functional...(More)

Score 4.4/5 (22 ratings)
Score 5/5 (2 ratings)
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7Seidio CONVERT Case Holster Combo for BlackBerry Q108BlackBerry Swivel Holster for Bold 9930, Bold 9900
Seidio CONVERT Case Holster Combo for BlackBerry Q10

Do you have one phone and multiple cases? Eliminate the need for two different cases with this CONVERT Combo. Put on the first layer, the Surface case, when using your BlackBerry everyday. When you're in tough or rugged conditions put on the Rugged Skin ...(More)

BlackBerry Swivel Holster for Bold 9930, Bold 9900

Carry your BlackBerry in style with this BlackBerry Swivel Holster. This case is a great way to protect your phone from everyday wear and tear, and uses a magnetic closure to keep your phone safe and secured. The swivel holster supports the BlackBerry sl...(More)

Score 4.4/5 (19 ratings)
Score 4.2/5 (55 ratings)
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9BlackBerry Flip Shell Case for Z3010BlackBerry Leather Holster for Q10
BlackBerry Flip Shell Case for Z30

The BlackBerry Flip Shell Case is the perfect combination of style, convenience and protection. Made from hand crafted, genuine leather the BlackBerry Flip Shell is designed to keep your display safe from scratches while providing complete access to all ...(More)

BlackBerry Leather Holster for Q10

The BlackBerry Leather Holster is hand-crafted in genuine leather and has a soft inner lining for added protection. It also integrates power saving technology to help extend battery life. A durable 360 degree rotating belt clip and secure magnetic flap cl...(More)

Score 3.3/5 (24 ratings)
Score 4.7/5 (26 ratings)
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