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BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle

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BlackBerry BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle

Product Description

Keeping an extra battery charged and handy gives you the power to keep communicating and stay entertained throughout the day.

Use the versatile BlackBerry Battery Charger in the car, home, office, with your computer via a micro-USB cable, or combine it with a Y-cable to charge most BlackBerry and battery at the same time. Stay powered up and prepared with this handy accessory.


  • BlackBerry® Safety Certified
  • Never Be Without Power


  • J-series BlackBerry Battery Charger 
  • BlackBerry J-M1 Battery
  • Micro-USB Y-Cable

CrackBerry Expert Review

BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle for Bold 9930 / 9900 and Torch 9850 / 9860
Reviewed by Adam Zeis
When I was using older devices I was always happy to have an extra battery at the ready thanks to my external charger. While the Bold 9780 didn't really need a spare battery given the great battery life, the BlackBerry Bold 9930 and Bold 9900 don't share the same luxury. There are plenty of ways to increase your battery life, but sometimes even that's not enough. Thankfully the BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle came to the rescue. This setup allows you to charge a spare battery at the same time you charge your device so you can always have a spare ready to go.


Review: BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle for Bold 9900/9930
Reviewed by Obi
I finally got myself a Bold 9900 a few weeks ago, and to my surprise (as with many others) the battery life didn't stand up to what I am used to with BlackBerry. On the plus side, BlackBerry users can always carry an extra battery and swap it out when necessary. But sometimes just getting an extra battery isn't enough. You would have to charge both batteries via your BlackBerry, and that could be time consuming and annoying. And frankly, I am too lazy for that. So instead of just grabbing an extra battery, I decided to go with the BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle, which includes a standalone battery charger. It was a wise decision.

Overall, this is a great buy for those who feel that their 9900 just doesn't hold enough charge, or for those like me, who are deathly afraid of their BlackBerry running out of juice. The included Y-Cable makes charging 2 batteries very convenient, and a great way to ensure your BlackBerry has plenty of power for the upcoming day(s).


User Ratings & Opinions

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130 total ratings
(16 reviews)
78% rated Score 5/5 Score 5/5 Score 5/5 Score 5/5 Score 5/5
15% rated Score 4/5 Score 4/5 Score 4/5 Score 4/5
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Star Star Star Star Star Great Product
User: Al P, Sep 30, 2011
Pros: quick service for hard to find product
Cons: -
No one seems to carry this battery charger. Thanks for your great service and fair pricing. Spare battery fully charged goes into my Torch 9500 every morning. Thanks agaion....Al Pollack
Star Star Star Star Star Great Product
User: Mike B, Nov 2, 2011
Great way to always keep your BB powered. Everything you need is included in this bundle.
Star Star Star Star Star Perfect
User: Bruce R, Sep 30, 2011
Pros: As advertised
Cons: None
Package deal, battery, chargher and cable perfect !
Star Star Star Star Star WOW
User: Mark F, Jan 16, 2012
Pros: compact, works great
Cons: none
Must have due to poor battery life for such a great Bold. Keeps a spare ready when you need it AND keeps your current device "juiced" up too. Keep it with me at all times. Compact enough to work on my desk unnoticed.
Star Star Star Star Star Loving this kit
User: Paul B, Sep 26, 2012
Pros: keeps you running longer, keeps your playbook bridge going
Cons: none
Loving this kit as if you are bridged to a RIM Playbook you can lose your Blackberry charge somewhat quickly with a lot of Playbook activity.

I have used this every day since I purchased it week ago.
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