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BlackBerry Leather Holster for BlackBerry Priv

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BlackBerry Leather Holster for BlackBerry Priv User Reviews

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Star Star Star Star Star Blackberry Leather Holster for Priv
User: Tim B, Mar 18, 2016
Pros: Fits securely on most belts and the 360 degree rotation is clasic
Cons: Very difficult to insert and remove the phone.
My opinion of the Blackberry Leather Holster for the Priv is mixed the holster is a fine quality of leather and the ability to rotate the holster on the belt clip is a desirable and classic feature however, it is very difficult to insert and remove the phone as the holster is to tight. You can easily drop the phone taking it out or putting it in the holster if you are not careful and you can change the features by accident because your fingers are on the left and right buttons during in the process. There are not a lot of good options out there if you want a rotating belt clip style holster. Blackberry should make it a little easier to insert and remove the phone in the holster and this would be the best.
Star Star Star Star Star Not for a long term use
User: St. S, Apr 14, 2016
Pros: Its a holster
Cons: Clip not fixed after two month
After two month the clip of the holster is very loosen. My thought is that the clip will move outside the hole in the lether holster in the next month.
Star Star Star Star Star Not my favorite
User: Steve S, Mar 3, 2016
Pros: secure on belt
Cons: hard to remove, status changes
I am going to look for another case. I love the phone, but the case fits so tightly that it is hard to remove the phone. Also, it seems that frequently when I remove the phone the status of the phone has changed in that sometimes the volume has been muted, or the phone has powered down, or similar inconveniences. I dont know if I have changed something by the way I have to grab it to pull it out, or if the tightness of the phone or the magnet in the latch is doing it.
Star Star Star Star Star Nout secure
User: St. S, Jan 6, 2017
Pros: Lether
Cons: Not secure
Ive this holster in use and after some weeks the Clip gets lost. So the holster droped at the floor and the screen was damaged at the top left corner.
Star Star Star Star Star BlackBerry Leather Holster
User: Robert S, Nov 11, 2016
Pros: Looks nice
Cons: Clip falls apart from case in couple of months
BlackBerry has made good cases in the past, but this one is not worth the money. The clip comes loose and actually fell out of the case.
What we need is a case just like the case for The Classic!!!
Star Star Star Star Star I wish blackberry would look at their OLD design
User: Matthew H, Aug 29, 2016
Pros: factoy fit
Cons: clip comes off after a month, the buttons are covered so phone goes into silent mode
I have been buying blackberry holsters since the bold and the curve. I LOVE the holster form factor for phones. I hate having the phone in my pocket. Starting with the Z10 they stopped putting enough gap from the top down the sides to allow for the buttons (volume up and down) to not be covered by the case. Consequently the volume buttons will get pressed and the phone goes into silient mode without me doing anything. With the Passport the holster was so ridiculously expenses I went with a third party that was ok. With the priv I was so happy that the blackberry holster was back. With older blackberry holsters I would get about a year of use and then they would break. With this new holster within a month the clip came unglued from the backing so that the only thing holding the case onto the clip was the leather that surrounds the clip. I always buy a spare because I am a little harder on cases. So I grabbed the spare and the same thing happened. Looking at the clip after it came off I can see an adhesive was applied to the back of the clip but it was not strong enough. I have subsequently used gorilla glue to re-secure the clip and it seems to be working but only time will tell. However there is still the same problem, I will pull the phone out of the holster and it will be in silent mode when I take it out. For the Bold and the Curve and even the Torch 9810 blackberry got it right, the sides of the case did not cover the buttons on the side of the phone. One added benefit to the lower sidewalls is the phone is MUCH easier to take out of the case. I wish they would redesign this case!

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