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BlackBerry Leather Swivel Holster for Classic

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BlackBerry Leather Swivel Holster for Classic User Reviews

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Star Star Star Star Star BlackBerry leather case
User: Alan_ L, Sep 3, 2015
A class act Blackberry
Star Star Star Star Star Elegant case and very sturdy!
User: Gilbert T, Aug 10, 2015
Pros: Nice BB Logo& Great Protective Case
Cons: None
Bought this case to keep the BBClassic
Protected and Secured!The case is Elegant as
Well as Stylish.It is Not Bulky or Clunky! Keeps
Your phone out of your pocket and it is easily
Accessed when you need it!Great Purchase and Very
Happy with it!!
Star Star Star Star Star Durable but Hard to Remove Phone
User: Spencer A, Sep 10, 2015
Pros: Nice Looking, magnetic flap good, decent durability
Cons: Cant remove phone without pressing volume/side keys due to case design
This is a nice Looking, magnetic flap good, decent durability for my work as a mover. It hung in there all summer! Only complaint was the fit/design makes it very hard to remove phone without pressing the volume or side control keys in the process because of the height of the case top relative to the phones length. Buttons seem to hold up, but worrisome. Also Im not that hard on case, really, and the clips always pop off eventually. Wish the design was a litter more durable for $30-40 bucks. Or cut the price to $18-20. I dont want the heft or industrial style of an otter-style case, but if have to buy 3 per year then another alternative is needed for my purposes. Thanks for considering, and keep up the good work blackberry!
Star Star Star Star Star Good Nerd Pack
User: John C, Sep 9, 2015
Pros: Easy to use and protective
Cons: Cant use with a shell or case?
This thing works great. Hold the phone securely, easy to remove the phone and re-holser it. Has great nerd appeal.

It would be nice if it could accommodate even a thin case but works very well.
Star Star Star Star Star Not your typical OEM Quality
User: Igor K, Dec 23, 2015
Pros: OEM look and feel
Cons: Sides fall apart, magnet leaves its place, scuffs easily
I have to say, this is the 1st OEM case ive been disappointed in. I keep my phone for 1.5-2yrs, and all my cases last that time, and i even sell them w/ the phone. My Classic case is just about 6months old, and its falling apart. the sides have a black glue on strip that is coming off, its not wrapped leather like it used to be.
the magnet that holds the strap somehow leaves its place. so the strap snaps on crooked.
its seems to scuff much easier, and is simply not the BlackBerry Quality my other cases were.
Star Star Star Star Star Not well made
User: Keyboard W, Oct 30, 2016
Pros: Looks nice, Blackberry logo
Cons: Poorly-attached clip will break off, poorly built overall
Purchased this case not too long after getting my Classic, just over a year ago. All was good for a while, then I noticed the case started fraying and peeling around the edges. Underneath I discovered cardboard. I started to worry about the clip.

Finally last week, the adhesive holding the clip failed, and eventually the clip worked its way out.

Upon inspection I discovered the clip was indeed attached to a piece of cardboard tucked inside the leather exterior. That pissed me off. Thats something youd see on a $10-15 case.

This case is not worth the price.
Star Star Star Star Star Beautiful but sadly impractical
User: Don H, Mar 10, 2016
Pros: Quality material and construction
Cons: *Very* difficult to remove Classic from this case
Very disappointed in this case. My previous BB cases (Tour and 9930) allowed the phone to be removed with ease. Even after wearing it in by using it for a month this case still holds the phone so tightly that I usually wind up pressing the volume buttons unintentially.

If you are looking for a case for just occasional use, this case is ok.

But if you want a case that you can wear on your side daily and pull the phone out with one hand without looking this case is not well suited.
Star Star Star Star Star Nice looking but falls apart
User: John C, Jan 22, 2016
Pros: Good fit, nice style. good utility
Cons: poorly made
This holster is sort of at the high medium end of pricing. Fort that Id expect durability. The belt clip on my case comes loose from the holster. I was lucky I didnt loose the phone the first time to happened. After a while it happened so often that I had to ditch it.

I had a similar holster for an older BB and it had no issues. this one seems to be designed and made very cheaply.
Star Star Star Star Star Garbage
User: Brandon G, Jan 18, 2016
Pros: It does what it is supposed to
Cons: Poorly constructed from cheep materials, overpriced
I have had ny priv for less than a month and have brought two of these cases back to the store I will not be getting another one. The seam on my first case began unraveling within 3 days. It took a week to do the same on my second case, and two weeks for the plastic edge to begin cracking and tearing. I would expect to have paid 5 bucks for the quality of the product, and still would not buy another fro that price.
Star Star Star Star Star Not a useful case
User: Jackie C, Aug 21, 2015
Pros: Protects Device
Cons: Cant pull out of holster without pressing volume keys !
I usually like the blackberry brand cases, but this one is too big for the device and you cant pull the phone out of the case without pressing the volume buttons

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