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BlackBerry Protective Holster

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BlackBerry BlackBerry Protective Holster

Product Description

Your Smartphone is designed with your work and lifestyle in mind - and for some, that work (or play) takes place in the toughest environments. This rugged holster offers smart design features to help keep most BlackBerry safe wherever you need to be.

With its reinforced leather frame, and four heavy-duty snaps on the back of the case, this holster attaches to your belt and keeps your Smartphone secure in extreme or unpredictable environments.

The magnetic proximity sensor (sleeper function) tells your BlackBerry smartphone when you've put it away - so it can automatically switch off the screen and preserve your battery life. The sensor can also work with most BlackBerry to enable it to switch notification settings depending on if most BlackBerry is in or out of the case. This holster works as hard as you do.

  • Reinforced leather frame
  • 4 heavy duty snaps on belt loop
  • Supports sleeper function

User Ratings & Opinions

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17 total ratings
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24% rated Score 4/5 Score 4/5 Score 4/5 Score 4/5 51
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Star Star Star Star Star Best Holster I have Owned
User: Gerry M, May 28, 2010
Pros: Solid, complete belt loop, magnetic closure
Cons: none
I ordered it on Monday, and even without special handling received it the next day. It is strongly built and unlike all the holsters or belt clips I have owned previously it stays on your belt and has no flimsy wasily breakable plastic parts. It is easy to access the Blackberry, which does not have to be removed from the holster to charge the Blackberry. The magnetic closure is strong but opens easily and snaps shut quickly by itself.

Others have mentioned the four snaps, and that the top one will pop open. That happens when you bend down but it serves to accommodate the stress, and the holster stays on. Past plastics I have used only too often either break, snap loose, or pop off the belt. I found it easier to thread the belt through the loop than to snap and unsnap, but thats a personal preference.

Its nice to get a sturdy quality product, thats unusual these days. I am very happy with it! Its the best I habve had, and my cell phone experience goes back 22 years to before they could be carried in your palm or on your belt.
Star Star Star Star Star The Best Case Iíve Used
User: Kirk H, Oct 5, 2009
Pros: Well built and supports the sleeper function
Cons: No need for the snaps the belt loop
I really like this case because of itís sturdy belt loop. I have had problems with others cases that have the plastic spring clips, because they break within a few months. This case is tough! In addition, this case has the sleeper magnets front and back. So either way you decide to face you phone in the case, the sleeper function works. I would give this case an 8.5 on a scale from 1-10.
Star Star Star Star Star Excellent case for the obsessive-compulsive
User: Joseph P, Aug 2, 2009
Pros: Hard leather shell protects from crushing, sealed bottom keeps corners protected
Cons: Non-rotating belt fastener can be a pain for some
This is the best cell phone case Ive ever bought, period. The hard shell keeps the handset from crushing or inadvertent button pushing. The bottom of the case is sealed, unlike many other cases, which keeps the corners of the handset from being scratched or nicked, as well as protecting from dust. The buttons fastening the belt loop are sturdy, although with a few months of wear, the top ones will sometimes come loose (there are four, however, and it will not come loose from your belt). The fact that the case doesnt have a ratcheting swivel almost put me off from buying this case, however, it has never been uncomfortable to wear. Its also a lot stronger than the cheap plastic swivel that is the Achilles heel of belt holsters. Highly recommended!!
Star Star Star Star Star Excellent case
User: Jon D, Apr 25, 2009
Pros: will fit a skinned blackberry
Cons: A lil bulky
While crackberry says that this case will fit all 83XX models the package it come in only says 8350i. This is not a problem as the case does have the extra room for the 8350i and fits it like a glove, it fits my 8330 perfectly with a OEM silicone skin. Basically if you have a 8300, 8310, 8320, or 8330 you get double the protection. The case itself is excellent quality even looks duty ready for those in law enforcement using a blackberry. If you have a blackberry 83XX series this is a must have if your active.
Star Star Star Star Star Well constructed......but
User: Douglas S, May 2, 2009
Pros: heavy leather, auto close magnetic flap
Cons: thin leather belt loop
Nice heavy duty leather construction, channels on both sides of the inside to protect the trackball regardless of which what you put it in, and auto closing flap (nice).

I dont understand 2 things though. I much thinner leather is used for the belt loop. And because of this, the case can be easily be pulled out. And if pulled out enough, it puts strain on the top 2 buttons and they will release. I really dont understand the need of those 4 buttons either, except the obvious. With the thinner leather....its sort of useless.

I personally would love to see a extremely heavy duty, ratcheting belt clip. Its the only reason why I didnt buy the other official Blackberry case.......problems with the clip breaking.

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