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BlackBerry Skin Case

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List Price: $19.99
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BlackBerry BlackBerry Skin Case

Product Description

Protect most BlackBerry with BlackBerry Skins. The rubberized exterior provides you with a sure grip, helping you protect all corners and sides of your BlackBerry against bumps and scratches. It also helps prevent your BlackBerry from sliding across your car's dashboard or other slick or angled surfaces.

BlackBerry Skins feature easy-access openings audio input and output ports, mini-USB port, programmable convenience keys, stereo jack and camera. Plus, the keyboard and screen remain uncovered, so you can type and place calls as efficiently as ever.


  • Rubberized exterior provides you with a sure grip on the device and helps protect it if dropped or bumped.
  • Open slots for access to keyboard, input and output audio ports, mini-USB port, programmable buttons and stereo jack


User Ratings & Opinions

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103 total ratings
(18 reviews)
71% rated Score 5/5 Score 5/5 Score 5/5 Score 5/5 Score 5/5
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5% rated Score 1/5
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Star Star Star Star Star Love it
User: Maria S, Aug 13, 2009
Pros: good grip on the BB
Cons: wish it came with a screen protector
Bell recommended this one for me when I picked up my Tour and slapped it on. I wished it did come with a screen protector like the other skin they had available but that one was too bulky for my taste. Ah well, guess I can find a screen protector for cheap on ebay :)
Star Star Star Star Star Blackberry Skin Case for Tour
User: John M, Sep 6, 2009
Pros: Superbly done design and sleek for the Tour, I am ordering another one for my wifes tour
Cons: none
Easy to apply and take off are very important and this one has it all
Recommend all Tour owners to get this skin.
Star Star Star Star Star Great soft case!
User: Mark S, Mar 15, 2010
For just a few bucks, you can get a very attractive soft rubberized case that fits very well! Originally bought it because I got tired of it getting scratched and sliding off the arm of the lay z boy. Cant think of any real cons other than you have to remove it to do battery pulls, other than that, nothing. I have a black one and feel that it fits the look of the phone perfectly. To me, very much worth the money! Very happy!
Star Star Star Star Star Great for a soft skin case.
User: Mark K, Jul 15, 2009
Pros: Perfect Fit !
Cons: Its a soft skin so not too much protection
I dont normally buy one of these (soft skins) but since there is not much else available for the Tour yet I grabbed it so I had some sort of protection aside from the included leather case.
I have to say it is easily one of the best fitting skins I have ever seen. I always give them a try in the store but never like the way they loosly fit and move around thus I never end up buying one. Think my Curve came with one but I never used it for that reason. This one really stays on the phone nicely. Feels just like any other but it is a good feeling in the hand.
All though being the soft skin case that it is, it doesnt provide too much protection as I dont feel any of them really do comared to a soft touch hard, body glove snap case. I wont include the Otter Box in that list as it is pretty much in a class by itself.
Star Star Star Star Star Perfect fit
User: D B, Jul 22, 2009
I used a case similar to this on my 8330 on the weekends and loved it so I thought Id try this out. The pictures they have posted on here dont give it justice. In the pics it looks a little big and odd fitting but irl it fits nice and smooth without adding bulk.
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