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BodyGuardz Privacy ScreenGuardz

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BodyGuardz Privacy ScreenGuardz User Reviews

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Star Star Star Star Star whats this?
User: orlando m, Sep 15, 2011
excellent product, you dont regreat to buy it
Star Star Star Star Star Privacy Screen Guardz
User: Lisanne P, Jan 5, 2011
Pros: keeps info private
Cons: -
This is a true necessity in this day and age. I was a bit skeptical until I got it. WOW! It works exactly as it says, it also protects the screen. Anyone who has a phone, needs one, no matter who the phone manufacturer. Well worth the money,to protect ones private information.
Star Star Star Star Star This is great!
User: Kip R, Nov 4, 2010
Pros: privacy & protects HIPPA
Cons: None yet!
This is great and a should have for all health workers!
Star Star Star Star Star AWESOME!!!
User: Mike M, Nov 3, 2010
Pros: Goes on easy, no bubbles, works greats
Cons: None, so far
I have tried a few privacy screen protectors and these are by far the best ones. They go one very easy, fit perfectly, and best of all no bubbles and the edges stick. I actually bought more they work so great!! Thank you.
Star Star Star Star Star LOVED IT!
User: carrie p, Oct 18, 2010
i purchased this for a friend and she really loved it. told me it works like a charm!!
Star Star Star Star Star Works great
User: Janette B, Aug 17, 2010
Static cling and works great, no one can snoop, especially my kids! =)
Star Star Star Star Star Works
User: Lance B, May 10, 2010
Pros: prying eyes cannot tell
Cons: to others it looks like youre looking at a black screen!
This product works well. It does what is advertised. It works so well then when people see you looking at your phone, to them it looks like your looking at a phone that is powered off.

great product.
Star Star Star Star Star worth the money
User: Susan B, Apr 26, 2010
This screen protector is so convenient when typing text messages in front of prying eyes, as well as looking at important documents not meant for the entire world to see. Definitely worth the twenty dollars/per!
Star Star Star Star Star Privacy Screen Guard
User: Jack A, Jun 1, 2012
Pros: Works very well
Cons: A little pricey for one protector. Thought it included 2 or 3 .
Had this type of protector in the past. Works very well against roving eyes. Godd product just little pricey.
Star Star Star Star Star Good Option
User: Steven G, Apr 17, 2010
Pros: Easy to place on
Cons: Not as privte as the video shows
Ok here it is, I had bought this product and the first delivery the pack was empty i had contacted Crackberry Verry good customer service they shipped another one out right away after all that drama i had gotten the product and was confused how thick it was. I was very sckeptical on how it would actualy work. Well i put it on it was very easy i had it on in about 3 sec after i took the pretective coating off. That was the most difficult part of the process. After i had put it on i started messing around with it and it works great there is one issue i have found with this product that i can deal with, Is that when the screen goes black and if your listeing to pandora or any program and you push the screen on the desk/table sometimes it does not respond so i pick it up press the screen and it responds. as far as the privicy it is good not as good as a computer privicy screen but same effect. When on an angle you can still see a little bit of a highlight of what your doing. I.E if your watching a movie and you look at an angle you can see the movement but you cant see what the movement is doing. so the brighter the screen you can still see light standing 2-5 ft away at about 45 deg angle
Star Star Star Star Star Love it
User: Courtney M, Feb 14, 2010
Pros: Offers great privacy
Cons: -
I really like this screen, great for privacy. Just make sure if you have a case/sleeve or any kind of protective case for the BlackBerry itself that you put that on BEFORE the privacy screen. You run the risk of the screen getting shifted if you put the case on what happened to me when I let the folks at Verizon do it.
Star Star Star Star Star OKAY
User: Alexandra D, Jan 24, 2011
Pros: Privacy
Cons: Price, Wear
It is great for privacy purposes, but too expensive for what youre getting. I had mine for less than 2 weeks and it is already coming up on the edge and has a bubble that wont come out.
Star Star Star Star Star Privacy vs clarity?
User: Karen R, Dec 20, 2010
Pros: Does block prying eyes
Cons: Greatly reduces screen quality
For me, privacy is not a big enough issue. If you want total privacy, I dont think its good enough for that. I thought I could put up with the poor quality of the screen but after a while, it just made my eyes hurt. I definitely dont think this is worth the $20.
Star Star Star Star Star Good protection, does not last.
User: codemaker , Sep 8, 2010
Pros: Good privacy and good protection from scratches
Cons: Decreases screen clarity, only lasted a few months
This screen protector did a good job of protecting the screen from scratches and prying eyes, but did not last very long. The screen protector consists of a hard plastic protective layer bonded to a softer plastic privacy layer. A few months after getting this screen protector the top protective layer began to peel off at the corners.

This screen protector also reduces the clarity of the screen. Turning the brightness of the device up helps but does not complete restore clarity.

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