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Case-Mate Tough Case

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BlackBerry Case-Mate Tough Case

Product Description

Our Hybrid Tough case for the BlackBerry Tour 9650 uses the protective power of dual layers. A form-fitting silicone skin surrounds most BlackBerry completely, absorbing each impact or hard-knock.

Wrapped around the skin is a tough, ABS plastic shell for complete security, adding another level of protection—and making for a firm grip.


  • For active lifestyles—hiking in Yellowstone, hiking to the boardroom, or hiking to soccer practice
  • Enhanced dust-proof protection to controls
  • Complete access to all ports and buttons
  • Silicone skin color offerings come with patterned gray ABS plastic shell

User Ratings & Opinions

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Star Star Star Star Star Great case! Best of BOTH worlds!
User: Marlon M, Jun 18, 2010
Pros: Both hard/gel case. Doesnt get loose. Fits snug.
Cons: Charging port size, will be pain to take off/put on.
I got this today, and after having it for a full day I am completely in love with this case. I was hesitate to buy it because it really didnt have any review, but I took a chance and Im glad I did. If youre one of those people that really dont enjoy a completely hard case, but at the same time hate the fact that the silicone gel cases get loose over time, this is the case for you!

The outside of this case is hard, and form fitted for the phone. The inside of the case has a second layer which is the silicone gel part that covers the very top and bottom of the 9650, as well as covering the side ports. By just looking at the case on the phone, one would think it is full silicone gel, but once you actually touch it youll notice its not.

The case itself is actually THINNER than a silicone gel case, and doesnt add any extra bulk (which I was afraid of). I dare to even say that this case with both layers may even be less weight than a silicone gel case. So your phone will feel lighter compared with the gel case. The hard case goes over the gel case, so it fits SNUG. No more worrying about the silicone gel part getting lose and slipping out of the phone.

The hard case isnt as rubbery as the silicone gel one so its easier to slip into your pocket and take out as well. This may also be a caution because I suppose the phone could slip out of your hand easier (but why would you hold a phone like its a toothpick anyways?).

Now for the not so good. The case itself may be a little hard to put on and take off. Granted I didnt have much trouble putting on the case, but I can see the trouble if youre gonna do a battery pull or change cases. The sides of the case actually have little covers that go over the buttons and ports. So if you want to charge the phone or plug in a headset you need to open the flap covering it. The covering for the USB charging ports and such arent much of a pain because they fit into their respective positions so they wont go loose and flop around. They are part of the silicone layer case so its not an option to remove them (sadly, I wish there was).

The space for the charging port is a little bit small, and you may have hard time actually charging the phone. The charger tends to pop out. To charge it with the case on you really need to NUDGE the actual charger in there, otherwise itll just pop out. Nothing horrible, but you cant just plug it in there and expect it to stay put, you need to actually nudge it and put a little force into it.

All in all, Ive enjoyed the case very much. The little problems it has arent much of a hassle and something most people can deal with. This is honestly the perfect case if youre looking for an alternative to the gel cases that get loose over time. Its a hybrid, so you have the hard protection you need, with the silicon aspect as well -- but the silicon doesnt get loose like the all gel cases. I would recommend this case to anyone!
Star Star Star Star Star Tough Case
User: Barry H, Jun 12, 2010
Pros: Slides out of pocket easy, hard case parts, covered ports
Cons: Charger is hard to plugin
Overall this is a good case. love the way it slides in and out of your pocket. Doesnt grab like a silicon case. Its a little hard to take off and put on. Also the charging port is a little offset (Tour case?) causing the cable to pop out easily.

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