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Clingo Universal Hands-Free Mount

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BlackBerry Clingo Universal Hands-Free Mount

Product Description

The Clingo Universal Hands-Free Mount allows you to keep your phone where you can glance at it if you need to without taking your attention from the road.  The ball and socket joint and pivoting arm provide ultimate adjustability to ensure proper viewing angles.

As always, the Clingo sticky pad holds your phone tightly, yet lets it go when you're ready to have it back without leaving any residue.  Let your phone stick to Clingo, so you can stick to driving!


  • Safe, handsfree solution
  • Sticks perfect to most BlackBerry, without leaving residue
  • Ball and socket joint
  • Cleanse with water and wipe with finger

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Star Star Star Star Star Clingo wobbles, but it dont fall down.
User: Michael C, Jun 16, 2011
Pros: Easy on, easy off. Much easier than some mounts out there
Cons: Device wobbles as you drive, but doesnt fall off
Received my Clingo yesterday. Tried it out last night on my kitchen table and today in the car. I just wanted to report some of my findings.

While the Clingo seems to hold my 9800 in place without any problems, it does say in the directions that it works best with devices that have flat surfaces. It reports you might have less than optimal results if the surfaces is pourous or has grooves in it (like the battery cover of the 9800). Luckily I have my 9800 in an hard shell with a flat surface.

After easily mounting the unit on my windshield, sticking my phone to it and pulling away, the first thing I noticed was how the device seems to wobble under normal road conditions. I checked to make sure everything was screwed down correctly with the arm, but the wobble continued. I believe the 1 piece arm may be too rigid and long and thus magnifying the wobble you would get with any windshield mount.

But in the grand scheme, you arent supposed to be looking at your screen while you are driving.

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