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iGrip Custom Fit Cigarette Lighter Mount

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BlackBerry iGrip Custom Fit Cigarette Lighter Mount

Product Description

This combination of a cigarette lighter mount with flexible neck and holder, that looks and functions great, provides road warriors a hands-free option that can easily be removed and stored when not in use.
It plugs into any cigarette lighter or 12-volt power receptacle and tightens instantly with a clockwise turn. The neck, made of flexible aluminum, can be adjusted to optimize viewing.

The holder is custom fit to maximize functionality and look great in any vehicle.

**This item DOES NOT charge your smartphone.**

NOTE: Custom fit holder will not accommodate a phone with an extended size battery door.


CrackBerry Expert Review

Review: iGrip Cigarette Lighter Mount for the 9650
Reviewed by Jared DiPane
When driving around in my car I don't always have one dedicated place that I place my BlackBerry and often times I find myself forgetting it in the car because it isn't where I thought it should be. The amount of trips I have had to make back to my car just to grab my phone started to bother me, so I began to look for a better solution to meet my needs. Personally I didn't need anything that charged the device, or did anything fancy, just something that held the device, something that would allow for use of speakerphone, and something that required no skills to install. The iGrip Custom Fit Cigarette Lighter Mount was the first that caught my eye, and the price was right so I decided to give it a go.

Personally I would have wished for a longer arm for the device to allow for more play in angles, and positioning of the device to better meet the needs of everyone. The overall construction of the mount was very solid, but as stated above, the piece that goes in the cigarette lighter was a bit to snug for my own liking, but that could vary by car as well.


User Ratings & Opinions

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Star Star Star Star Star Simple But Works Perfectly
User: Jason R, May 21, 2010
Pros: Pretty Sturdy and puts my Tour exactly where I need it
Cons: Really?! Doesnt Charge my phone?!
Sorry, this post is meant for this custom fit iGrip Mount, not the universal, so I have two posts. Just received this mount today and I already love it. This simple but great product works perfectly. Its sturdy, fits great, and puts my Tour exactly where I need it to use speaker phone and view the GPS easily. The length that was provided is not too short and not too long. The phone itself is easy to drop in and take out. I just could not give it 5 stars because it does not charge my phone. Now, I knew it would not when I purchased it from the description and all of the other reviews, but come on!! Its a no brainer that this prodcut would be a much bigger hit if it could charge the phone. Would even pay more!! How hard could it be to run a wire though the neck so that you could plug and charge. Dont think its rocket science...may even make a prototype lol.

Star Star Star Star Star Works as intended
User: Carlos F, Aug 10, 2009
Pros: Holds the phone nicely, easy to drop in, easy to take out.
Cons: Will not charge the phone.
I did not read the fine print, so I expected this thing to charge the phone. I only have one power plug in my car, and yes, the battery life suck on this phone.

So, Ill either buy another similar unit that DOES charge the phone, or Ill hide a plug and wire in the dash to allow the phone to be charged while in the cradle.

When I opened the package, it looked....well, CHEAP. But, it really does exactly what it is designed to do, and it works very nicely. It does not look cheap in the car (a Mercedes CL500), and overall - if this is your only option for a cradle, it will do until something that charges come along.
Star Star Star Star Star No charging?
User: Hogan L, Aug 5, 2009
Pros: Looks good
Cons: Does not charge
I cannot for the life of me figure out why this does not charge my phone. I mean, am I going to use up wall sockets in my house to hold digital picture frames without using the power. Seems pointless.
Star Star Star Star Star Great idea, but for some reason, it doesnt charge your phone
User: John F, Aug 5, 2009
Pros: Works with the greatest phone in the world: BB Tour
Cons: Uses the only cigarrette lighter I have... and doesnt charge my Tour
Im just saying... whats the point? I like having it aimed at me, but with the GPS and bluetooth running, my battery dies pretty quickly. Seems pointless to plug into my cig light adapter to only solve half of my problem. How many cars have more than one adapter in the dash? the answer is not enough. Id pay double the asking price if it charged my Tour.

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