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Mobi Products Cradle w/ Spare Battery Slot (Clearance)

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BlackBerry Mobi Products Cradle w/ Spare Battery Slot

Product Description

Note: Not eligible for promotions, already on clearance

The Mobi Products battery cradle allows you to easily synchronize and charge most BlackBerry with any USB-enabled computer. Just connect the cradle to your computer's USB and you are set. The BlackBerry is charged through your computer's USB port.

This cradle also features a spare battery charger - great to have if you have multiple batteries. If you want to use the cradle's spare battery charger, you also need to connect the bundled AC adapter. The AC adapter does not charge the BlackBerry, it only provides power to the battery slot.

NOTE: This item will not work with Extended Battery Doors.

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13 total ratings
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Star Star Star Star Star battery
User: antonio v, Aug 2, 2009
Pros: good
Cons: very good
a while back my blackberry storm had a issue it was not charging my battery for some reason.i went to all the stores an ask is there a charger that can charge my battery by it self.every store said no i was so fucken piss an actually wanted to give this idea to someone to make.i was mostly piss of at the blackerry storm but now i see this device an feel there is some hope for me if my blackberry would ever stop charging the the way my phone was never drop was never miss used it was just a fuck up phone i got it was my 6 phone that i have trade it in for new one.the most problem phone on market but love it.
Star Star Star Star Star Power Up with this stand
User: Bob M, Jun 1, 2011
Pros: Good Docking station.
Cons: Angle is 90 degrees, should be angled back.
This is a great place to view my phone and keep both batteries charged while in the office. I use an app to keep the screen on while plugged in which keeps me updated at a glance. I also use the Desk Top Manager to keep my music and files updated along with a BlackBerry Exchange Server to keep my Outlook programs synced automatically. The only drawback is the angle of the phone. It should have been angled back slightly for better viewing.
Star Star Star Star Star USB Connection & Cradle Angle leave something to be desired
User: C. H, Feb 25, 2009
Pros: Extra Battery Compartment, Color
Cons: USB difficult to connect to phone & veiwing angle wrong...
I like it because its better than having my blackberry getting knocked off my desk when its syncing. However the cradle holds the phone a perfect right angle to the desk which means that it reflects every piece of paper on that surface. This is especially true when I am working at night with a lamp on. I added some little rubber feet to the front of the cradle to angle the phone up, but it wasnt enough. I will have to create a little angular surface for it and that will solve my problem. A wedge of wood with a non-slip surface should do it.

The last thing that made me worry was the little USB connector from the cradle to the phone. I had to really force it in there to make the first connection. Its better now - easier to connect, but if you are having problems with the first try dont be surprised. Just line it up carefully and give it a real push in.
Star Star Star Star Star Doesnt last
User: C H, Oct 12, 2009
Pros: Just okay
Cons: Micro USB sync cable just failed in less than 9 months
I had to add some little rubber feet to the front because it was hard to view the screen. This cradle holds the BBS at an exact right angle and it was reflecting papers on my desk. Then after several months of use the syn cable to the cradle failed - wont charge or sync. Not worth the $$$.

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