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Mobi Products Hard Shell Case

Other BlackBerry accessories by Mobi Products
List Price: $19.95
Price: $10.95
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BlackBerry Mobi Products Hard Shell Case

Product Description

Help keep most BlackBerry protected with the Mobi Hard Shell Case while not sacrificing the slim look of most BlackBerry!

This Hard Case from Mobi Products is designed specifically for the BlackBerry and has cut outs for all of the devices features while leaving the screen exposed for full functionality. 


  • Slim, Low-Profile Design
  • Cut outs for all BlackBerry features
  • Screen uncovered
  • 2-Piece Snap-On Design

CrackBerry Expert Review

A quick look at the Mobi Hard Shell Case for BlackBerry Torch
Reviewed by Michelle Haag
I'm still coming to grips with my feelings on using a case for my BlackBerry Torch. I've been trying out the Mobi Products Hard Shell Case, and it's been going pretty well. It's a very slim case that doesn't add any bulk to your device. The low-profile design snaps on to your BlackBerry pretty securely. The back piece fits really well, and the cut outs for camera, side keys, and headphone/charging ports are well done.

Overall this is a good choice if you aren't terribly accident prone and just want to add some light protection to your BlackBerry. It's pretty inexpensive and comes in several colors for the Torch so you can get a few and match them to your outfit or theme.


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Star Star Star Star Star perfect cover
User: Cathy B, Jul 12, 2011
Pros: a very nice cover. nice to handle. slim and secure fit. love it!
Cons: none.
i really like this cover a lot and would purchase another one if there were a yellow or orange in the choices!
Star Star Star Star Star Love this case!
User: Jane H, Jan 21, 2011
Had a couple of chips on my Blackberry. This great case covered them up. I like the feel and the fit. Dont spend more. Buy this one.
Star Star Star Star Star Great Case
User: Jessica H, Oct 18, 2010
I purchased this case in black and love it. I have not experienced any of the issues that some people are talking about (like the case breaking or popping off). Mine fits perfect and is secure. I feel this is a great price for the case also. If I had to say one bad thing about it I would have to say I hate that it will no longer fit into the Blackberry Dock. Other than that this is a perfect case.
Star Star Star Star Star Absolutely delighted with this case!
User: Serge v, Oct 2, 2010
Pros: Fits perfectly, non-slip, non-bulky, adds cool look
Cons: none
Im so glad I didnt buy into the initial hype about the Otterbox Commuter case that was stocked in AT&T stores and instead read the poor reviews of that case. Instead of wasting $40, I spent less than 1/3 on this beautiful case. It came in the mail today and it snapped onto my phone with a barely audible click, yet its on solid and is not going to come off by accident. The designers of this case got this right to within a fraction of a millimeter.

Until I got this case, I was always worried about the quite heavy Torch slipping out of my hand. Also, sliding out the keyboard was a two-handed operation because the sides of the Torch are quite slippery and the screen half is sloped flush with the bottom half. Now with this case on, I have a much better grip on the phone and sliding the keyboard out can be done with one hand, since theres now the slightest "lip" between the two halves that facilitates this.

The matte black finish on this case also adds a certain "tech" cool factor, and the raised bevel around the screen looks great. Yet one of my biggest concerns when I ordered this -- that it would be too bulky and add a lot of size to the phone -- was immediately put to rest. This case fits the Torch like a glove, and doesnt add more than a few millimeters to the length, width and depth of the phone. Im sure this is enough for it not to fit in the standard charging cradles, but I have a universal device mount in my car that can expand to hold pretty much any device, and so this will work just great.

Again, Im glad I held out for this case. Its not often that I take the time to write a positive review, but I felt I needed to let others know how good this case is.
Star Star Star Star Star Cases
User: Jackie H, Jan 21, 2011
Pros: Great Case
Cons: -
Love all the cases i ordered. they are very good products.
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