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Motorola MOTOROKR S305 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

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Motorola MOTOROKR S305 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones User Reviews

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185 total ratings
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66% rated Score 5/5 Score 5/5 Score 5/5 Score 5/5 Score 5/5 51
18% rated Score 4/5 Score 4/5 Score 4/5 Score 4/5 51
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Star Star Star Star Star love these
User: Maria T, Sep 17, 2014
Pros: long lasting charge
Cons: the ear phone covers are thin and rip
I bought these about three years ago and they are still the best Bluetooth headphones Ive bought. They are comfortable and dont fall off I have small ears and that is usually a problem. I highly recommend these.
Star Star Star Star Star i great
User: chris r, May 13, 2014
it hook up with my i pod and it fits not falling out my ears like other head sets and my phone and so happy nice fit
Star Star Star Star Star MOTOROKR S305
User: kathleen m, Jun 17, 2011
Pros: Easy, wireless!!
Cons: A little bit heavy after couple hours
Blackberry, Pandora and Motorokr and you wont need anything else! These are great for the price- easy to use, music sounds great and calls are very clear. I have no problem wearing them and glasses at the same time. Only problem for me is they felt a little heavy after about 3 hours while working. The range is really good- can leave my phone on the charger and go all around the house.
Star Star Star Star Star After trying dozens, these are the BEST!
User: Tia P, May 29, 2011
Pros: Lightweight, great sound
Cons: Sometimes hard to connect
I have gone through so many earbuds, earphones, etc. Im a runner and a key for me is staying in my ear AND having good sound. These have them all! I tried a $200 pair of bluetooth earphones, but they were so heavy! These are lightweight. I never feel them when Im running. My first race with them was a marathon (26.2 miles) and they worked awesome! Ive used them ever since. I love not having the wires get tangled! Great product and great value!
Star Star Star Star Star Great Buy
User: Sheila B, Dec 28, 2010
Bought this headset and very happy with the quality. WQhen using the headset for my music, it sounds fantastic. As a phone headset, I can hear well as well as other can hear me without feedback.
Star Star Star Star Star Excellent value. Great buy!
User: Oliver B, Sep 19, 2010
Pros: Lightweight, comfortable and clear
Cons: Typical bluetooth sound quality
I received my Motorola S305 headset a week ago, and use it now over my Plantronics Discovery 975. The headset is terrifically comfortable and the call quality is excellent while on the phone (both in and outward calls). Music playback on my Tour is acceptable. I wish I could adjust the music equalizer, because I dont hear the deep bass that other reviewers hear. Having said that, the music quality is decent enough so I thoroughly enjoy it. The pressure on the ears is not bad at all, and the speaker cans allow outside sound so you can hear things around you. The controls are easy to use and easy to find - you just need a short period of time to get used to where the buttons are.

I highly recommend the Motorola S305 headset!
Star Star Star Star Star Great headphones
User: Glenn S, Apr 17, 2010
Pros: easy pairing with Blackberry 9700
Cons: dont fold up
Ive had my headphones for 6 months now, listed to my Blackberry music, I Heart Radio, and most recently my slingbox app for Blackberry all over these headphones ... everything sounds great! Long lasting 5 - 6 hours listening per charge. Great value for the money paid. One minor issue is the wire that connects the left and right speakers runs along a channel built into the headband and it works its way out at times, was fixed with a couple of dabs of glue. It would be outstanding if these had active noise cancelling as well, but would probably cost three times as much then ... oh well, one can dream
Star Star Star Star Star Works great on Storm2
User: Bricen M, Feb 15, 2010
Pros: Lightweight, comfortable, simple to use
Cons: Not foldable/collapsable for easy transport
I bought the S305 so I could listen to music without the cords on my Storm2 at the gym and at home. It sounds great and easily connects to your BB. Its a great design...lightweight, good button placement. However, the headsets do not fold down or collapse for easy transport such as in your bag or backpack nor does it come with a carrying case so be carefull when transporting these headphones around.
Star Star Star Star Star Worth the $
User: Heidi S, Nov 15, 2011
Pros: Convenient, priced well, sound great
Cons: Not snug enough for me
Great sound, good range, and very convenient while on the treadmill. I only give it 4 stars because I wish it fit a bit more snugly on me, but its worth the $50. Highly recommended.
Star Star Star Star Star Good fit, good sound
User: R.D. H, Jul 1, 2011
Are very comfortable, work well for music and telephone calls. Hope that eventually they can be used with my Playbook as well (its a PB problem, not a headphone problem).
Star Star Star Star Star Biggest flaw
User: Kyle B, Apr 28, 2014
Pros: Quality sound and comfort
Cons: Not made for working out, once sweat hits the unit it shorts out
I really liked my headphones but the purpose for
Why I purchased them was for working out
And thats when all the trouble started !!
Once they came into contact with sweat on the earphones
The unit stopped working and shorted out
Star Star Star Star Star Durability
User: Ahyoni A, Jul 16, 2013
Pros: Good sound
Cons: Still not confort for jogging, Feel paint on the back of my ear due to long pressure from the ring
I have been using this type for about 3 years and now I found it that the soft part of the unit attach to ear is torn. I think it is necessary to consider this part for durability issue. Also some time not connected to some of my gadgets. Recently I have to visit ICT expert to get it connect with my laptop and once it connected, my laptop no longer able to transfer data via blue tooth to my tab.
Star Star Star Star Star Motorola S305 Bluetooth Headphones
User: Chris R, Mar 7, 2012
Do not rate these headphones very highly as I have consistent issues with connecting to listen to music. I am constantly deleting the headphones from my phone and re-pairing in hopes of getting the stereo audio functionality, but only getting hands free. My phone is a Torch 9850. When they do connect they have good sound.

I would return but it has been several weeks. My wife has the same issue with her S305 (pairing with Style). I would look around before buying these.
Star Star Star Star Star wheres the bass
User: eugene c, Feb 7, 2011
Pros: Great wireless. Great treble.
Cons: Wheres the bass?
I have great bass when listening thru wired headphones so I know I have bass in my phone. I just dont have it with the s305 bluetooth headphones.
Star Star Star Star Star Nice sound - bad connectivity
User: Mike S, Aug 29, 2011
Pros: Nice fit
Cons: Will not stay paired
Tried with 2 different Blackberrys (9650 and 9930) and could not keep these headphones connected. I would pair it for a minute or two and all of a sudden would lose the sound in the headphones. Bluetooth connection still showed paired. Doesnt seem to work well for a $50 pair of headphones.
Star Star Star Star Star NOT HAPPY
User: T ROCK W, Apr 2, 2011
I was trying to use this headset with my Blackberry Torch. I wanted to listen to Pandora Radio. The headset would not consistently connect with my phone. And afetr each song I had to reconnect ..I sent it back to Crackberry. There has to be something better out there. Plus I was not happy with the fit.

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