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OtterBox Defender Case

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BlackBerry OtterBox Defender Case

Product Description

The OtterBox for BlackBerry Storm Defender Series case is stylish and slim in design, while still offering unparalleled protection against harmful drops, bumps, shocks, scratches, dings and dust.

We designed this case to provide full access to all buttons, ports and functions of your smartphone. Use the camera, charge your phone, make it all right through the OtterBox.

Included with the case is a ratcheting belt clip and fully interactive membrane over the screen and keypad.

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Star Star Star Star Star AWESOME
User: Jonathan T, May 18, 2009
Pros: Protection, Solid, American Company
Cons: Bulky
I purchased the case for my Blackberry Storm (Generation 1 case), and was pleased, but it needed improvements. I then inquired about a new case and was shipped a brand new one (Generation 2) FREE of charge. Well this past weekend, I went to Kings Dominion, and proceeded to ride with my phone (stupid, maybe, but I need my Blackberry!). As the ride (the Ricochet) climbed my phone fell, approximately 65 feet from the highest point on the ride, on to solid concrete. A sad day in the world of my Blackberry Storm! This was at 10:30am, and I could not go into the "Lock Out" area until after the ride is shut down, 12 hours later at 10pm.

10pm roles around and I get my phone. I about died when I picked up my phone and it worked fine. 3 days later and its still going fine, no damage to the phone, and minimal damage (a scratch on the plastic hook that the rubber sets on) to the case. Once again, a 65 foot fall onto solid concrete. Survived fully and operational 100

Tell me not to buy that..!
Star Star Star Star Star best protective case for the storm yet.
User: brian w, Jul 4, 2009
Works great, looks great, and added bulk and rubber exterior make it easier for me to use my storm. I did however have to remove the plastic screen cover the case comes with. Typing was near impossible for me with that thick plastic in the way. Now that its gone my typing is as good as you can get (on a storm anyway). Buy this case if work construction or tend to drop your phone a lot .
Star Star Star Star Star Otter Box for Storm
User: J C, Mar 11, 2009
Pros: Well constucted.
Cons: Not water proof
I recently purchased the defender model for my Storm 9530. I like how well it is constructed. And as advertised, it does offer three functional layers of protection. I also like the fact that it is a manly looking case. This one is a keeper!
Star Star Star Star Star Great product
User: Jon H, Apr 16, 2009
Pros: protects very well
Cons: make sure its the second generation
I work construction and this product fully protects my lifeline to the office.
Star Star Star Star Star What about some more attractive colors?
User: Nicki O, Jun 20, 2009
I just recently purchased the Otter Box for my first I wasnt sure if I was going to really like the product. However, I am in love. I love my Blackberry and I dont want anything to happen to it. The Otter Box definately keeps my phone safe from me and my is worth every penny I spent. I would however like to have more choices in colors being a woman. Is that possible?
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