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OtterBox Defender Series

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Price: $49.95
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BlackBerry OtterBox Defender Series

Product Description

The OtterBox for BlackBerry Pearl 8120 and BlackBerry Pearl 8130.
As part of the Defender Series line the OtterBox 1936 for BlackBerry Pearl 8120 and BlackBerry Pearl 8130 (aka the "Pearl II") is a semi-rugged, fully-interactive case that enables complete usability of the trackball and camera in a sleek, slim fit design for distinguished protection.

Defender Series: Bringing sexy back! A distinct line of semi-rugged, slim fit cases that offers complete user interaction in an attractive look and feel. Cases shield from dust, dirt and drops in a thin yet protective design. Great for people on-the-go and those looking to defend their device without added bulk!

NOTE: This case includes a belt clip holster. To use this correctly, make sure that the front of your phone faces TOWARD YOUR HIP while in the holster. This means that the screen would be facing toward the belt clip. Case not fully protected against water. The case will provide some protection against water and dust. Not intended for underwater use.

Ideal for frequent travelers, business professionals and everyday enthusiasts. Three protective layers provide bump, scratch and drop protection:

  • Layer 1: Thermal formed protective clear membrane to safeguard screen and keyboard against scratching as well as dust and dirt intrusion.
  • Layer 2: Hi-impact polycarbonate shell.
  • Layer 3: Silicone skin absorbs bump and shock (silicone includes innovative retaining features to hold it in place).
  • Donaldson vents on speaker phone, headset speaker, and microphone.
  • Sync/charge jack accessible via silicone plug.
  • Sound transmits through the case.
  • You can still use the trackball, camera, flash and vanity mirror THROUGH the OtterBox.
  • Includes holster style swivel belt clip!


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Star Star Star Star Star Excellent Purchase
User: Jerid B, Jul 28, 2009
I have had the otter box for the bb curve for a few days now. I did have an issue with bubbles under the protective membrane, but I fixed that problem and love it now. When applying the protective membrane, I took a little computer screen cleaner, from a leading office supply store, and put a little puddle in the middle of the screen. Then I took my finger and spread the puddle out over the entire screen. I immediately put the protective membrane on and pushed the air bubbles out from the middle to the outside of the screen. I have absolutely no air bubbles and it was actually easier to get the membrane adjusted straight on the phone.
Hope this helps you.
Star Star Star Star Star A Beast!
User: M W, May 30, 2009
Pros: Fully protects your phone.Great Design.
Cons: None so long as you follow the directions & truely want your phone protected.
When it comes to cases the overall choices offered at most cell stores are slim.What is offered is either cheaply made or too expensive for too little.When I decided to upgrade my phone recently for the first time I chose something a little pricey.The reason being is that my philosophy as a grown adult who uses a cell phone regularly is that I just want a phone that is good not too childish looking & not too technical.In the past I had no problem finding something that was just right.It had been years since I upgraded & man have things changed.There seems to be no middle ground anymore.You either get a texting phone or a BlackBerry.I chose a texting phone the Rant actually & within 24 hours returned it.I spoke to the sales rep who wasnt hard selling me on anything & was actually patient,helpful & knowledgeable.Much to my surprise.So I tormented them with question after question untill finally settling on the Pearl.At first it was weird getting adjusted to it but now two weeks in & I can say that I will never use a conventional phone again.I work in a warehouse around saws & other heavy machinery so my quest to find a suitable case that would truely protect my little treasure has been an exhausting one to say the least.I took a chance on the Otter Box & have been using it for two days now.I am impressed.This case is a tank.When I first opened it up & saw the 3 pieces I thought uh oh.After playing around with it & taking it apart several times(ocd)I finally got it just how I wanted.The one thing I read on here was how it buries your sd slot.That is true but if you use a usb cord & port directly into your computer you dont need to ever remove it.Also the directions suggest you use a mix of soap & water to fully remove the bubbles from the clear membrane.At first I didnt do this but eventually I gave in & it really really works.Overall the Otter Box is perfect in every way for me & the harsh enviroments I frequent on a daily basis.
Star Star Star Star Star Best protection you can buy!
User: Joe G, Feb 22, 2009
Pros: Fully protected (except for the trackball), filters on all speakers means NO dirt or dust!
Cons: opening around trackball gets dirty, no access for memory card, removing the battery can be very difficult, slightly bulky by comparison
If you want protection, you cannot find a better case. This 3 layer system will protect against anything but a dip in the pool. The clear membrane does a great job against not only scratches to screen or camera, but keeps the keys clean of debris, and especially nice is the filters over the speaker holes. No dust, dirt or grime can sneak its way into those openings! The middle hard layer is great for fall and crush protection, and the third silicone layer is also a great help against falls and for good grip. The trackball and tiny microphone opening are the only spots not covered in some way, but really how can you protect these areas without compromising their functionality? The bad would be the opening around the trackball collects the only dirt and gunk to get inside, and if you want to access your memory card or battery be ready for a struggle. Since the memory card has no opening, and a true reboot of the phone requires pulling the battery, its most difficult to remove the layers of protection you have installed in order to do these tasks. The case makes your phone slightly more bulky and the keys being recessed does make this a case you must adjust to, but in my opinion the protection it provides for such expensive devices makes this well worth the price.
Star Star Star Star Star Best Case so Far
User: Brian D, Jan 8, 2009
Pros: Tank like construction.
Cons: Membrane isnt perfect.
I wasnt overly impressed with this case out of the box. After a few tries to get everything just so I changed my mind. The weakest link is applying the membrane. Do it dry and you will never get the bubbles out. I simply wiped the Pearl and the membrane with a monitor cleaning wipe and eliminated 95 of the bubbles, Not for your friends who are OCD. You will never get it perfect and if you intend to use the camera you have to cut a hole for the lens. Look through the membrane and you will see why. Its not optically clear. Other than that the case makes the little Pearl seem as strong as a tank. Well done Otter Box.
Star Star Star Star Star Best Case for Protecting My Precious Pearl
User: Edie F, Dec 28, 2008
Pros: all-around protection of everything except trackball
Cons: none
I love this case! Although I bought it from another vendor, because I had not yet found this site, I still thought I would come in here and rave! I love that the membrane has a hole for the trackball. It took me a couple of tries to get the membrane aligned properly, but the trick is to be patient and pay attention to what you are doing, and it fits perfectly! With the exception of a couple of little bubbles on the screen cover, you almost cannot tell that it is there. Personally, I would rather be able to tell that it is there and know that my pearl is protected...I mean, face it...these are EXPENSIVE devices, and I really dont want to have to buy a new one right now.

I would recommend this case to everyone...dont even bother with the little cheapo cases unless you are easy on phones. I am hard on my phones, on the run 99 of the time, and dont have time or money to keep replacing broken ones!
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