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Plantronics BackBeat 903 Stereo Bluetooth Headset

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BlackBerry Plantronics BackBeat 903 Stereo Bluetooth Headset

Product Description

The Plantronics BackBeat 903 Wireless Headphones feature Altec Lansing sound technology for rich, full-spectrum stereo music and dual-mic AudioIQ noisecanceling technology for exceptional call clarity.

The Plantronics BackBeat Headphones let you enhance your music using the bass-boost feature or conveniently hear your surroundings with a quick tap of the OpenMic button.

Adjustable and flexible for all-day wearing comfort, the headphones quickly fold up and slip into your pocket or bag.


  • Altec Lansing sound technology for Hi-Def music
  • Dual-Mic Audio IQ Noise Canceling for Clear Calls
  • Bass-Boost feature enriches Stereo Sound
  • OpenMic button brings in the outside world
  • 3-way adjustment for a comfortable, stable fit
  • Flexible design quickly folds up for storage

User Guide

CrackBerry Expert Review

Plantronics BackBeat 903 Stereo Bluetooth Headset
Reviewed by Ryan Blundell
I want crisp, clear, full bodied sound when I listen. I also want to have a conversation, through a headset, without having to compensate for background noises. Itís one thing to have it through a wired headset; itís another when you talk about stereo Bluetooth. Another factor to take into consideration is comfort. I want something that will stay in my ear without attempting to squeeze my brain out of my skull. As my quest continues, I find myself face to face with another contender Ė the Altec Lansing / Plantronics BackBeat 903 stereo Bluetooth headset. Possessing a lightweight and sporty design, as well as being equipped with both AudioIQ and OpenMic technologies; Iím hoping that the BackBeat lives up to its promise to be ďthe evolution of mobile music and callsĒ.
In its design class, the Altec Lansing/Plantronics BackBeat 903 was the most comfortable stereo Bluetooth headset Iíve ever worn. The audio quality for both calls and music was superb. I liked how easily I could master the controls, without having to look at them. It is a very well rounded headset....


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Star Star Star Star Star Great idea, needs work
User: Tim C, Sep 2, 2013
Pros: Easily pairs, light weight, good price, fantastic battery life, great volume for everything
Cons: Finally discovered it will hold the signal if I wear the phone, any phone, on my left hip. Im right handed so this took getting used to. Ive had 4 of these because they keep breaking, one had the Play button stop functioning, one had an ear bud break, and
I bought custom ear buds to fit mine so they would be noise cancelling. I can cut grass, use my snow blower, etc. if they werent so fragile, Id give them a five star+++. Theyre so fragile that I struggle just to give them 3 stars.
Star Star Star Star Star stay away from the bac beat if you have a new Iphone
User: mike o, Mar 3, 2011
Pros: comfortable earplug and they work great if I stay perfectly still
Cons: they dont work if I move
Even with a full charge on my Iphone and Backbeat the Blue tooth connection fails unless I hold the phone up to my head. They work ok if I dont move but I really was looking forward to lisening to music and going on with my life AKA walking and working.
Star Star Star Star Star OK but was expecting better
User: Mike L, Jan 21, 2010
Pros: Sound quality
Cons: Voice quallity complaints from callers, fit
Still trying to get used to the fit. One size fits all ear gels dont block much ambient noise. Come Spring Im guessing they wont be very useful while riding the lawn tractor. Random drop outs are very brief but annoying.
Star Star Star Star Star Good and Bad
User: Gregory R, Jul 6, 2010
Pros: Music sounds good, not to tight in ear
Cons: incoming call quality very warbly
I wanted these to work out. Outgoing call quality was surprisingly good, incoming call quality was just bad enough I couldnt keep this headset.
They were comfortable. These were not like earbuds that you hear yourself walking and the cables are microphonic. Fit nice and snug, but still allowed sound from the outside. If only the incoming call quality was better, I would be very happy with these.
Star Star Star Star Star I HATE Them!
User: Charles H, Jul 6, 2010
Pros: Good battery life, Lightweight
Cons: Lack of bass, connection problems, uncomfortable, poor controls, and more!
I recently ran my old Motorola S9s through the washing machine and they didnt like that. I decided to try the BackBeats because one thing I didnt like about the S9s was the hard band behind my head. I also wanted something with better battery life and I have had good experience with other Plantronics products in the past. Well, I should have just gone for the S9s again.

The BackBeats look good enough, the battery life is good, they are lightweight, and I can wear them in bed, but honestly I cant think of much else to say that is good about them.

The stereo sound is fairly clean and clear with the bass booster off, but not dynamic at all. If you turn the bass boost on they distort badly even at very low volumes and the bass is so fake sounding its vomit inducing.

The call sound quality is OK at best, but the level is very low. I turn them all the way up and I can still barely hear the person on the other end. I guess if theres anything good here, I havent had any complaints from the other end. But I cant hear!!!

I cant holster my phone in my belt holster. They absolutely will NOT maintain anything close to a constant signal. Not even if I put the phone on my left side where it is more in line with the antenna on the BackBeat. The right side eliminates the connection completely. The phone literally has to be right next to my left ear. Even if Im in bed they cut out if the phone is in front of me, like for watching movies. Lame!

Ive tried every adjustment I can think of and can not get them comfortable. And if I do find a "good" spot they wont stay that way for more than about a minute.

The control setup is atrocious. What were they thinking putting the track skip and volume control together? Would it have been that hard to put a volume control on the left ear? If youre running or whatever its almost impossible to change tracks without stopping.

Did I mention they have no fidelity at all???

Yes Im disappointed. I should give it one star, but Im going with two just because of the good battery life. But I hope I run them through the washer too, very soon, so I have an excuse to replace them!
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