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Seidio 1500mAh OEM-Size Extended Battery

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BlackBerry Seidio 1500mAh OEM-Size Extended Battery

Product Description

This extended life battery from Seidio will not only replace your current battery, but will also provide approximately 35% more power than the battery that initially ships with the BlackBerry.

With this battery, you're gaining considerably longer device usability, without extending the shape of your phone. This battery is great for those who are on the go and do not have access to an external charging alternative.

Since this battery is compatible with the original OEM door, no extra thickness will be added to the phone.

CrackBerry Expert Review

Score 4.4Score 4.4Score 4.4Score 4.4Score 4.4 Seidio 1500mAh and 2600mAh Extended Batteries for the BlackBerry Curve
Reviewed by David Boyd
I have had great success in the past with Seidio products, so I knew right away that I wanted to demo out the extended batteries they had to offer. There are two different batteries offered by Seidio in the CrackBerry Store; the first is the Seidio 1500mAh OEM-Size Extended Battery and the second is the Seidio 2600mAh Extended Battery.

The 1500mAh battery is OEM sized, and will not change the appearance of your blackberry, while the 2600mAh battery is larger, and does add about 4-5mm to the back of your device, and comes with a new battery cover to accommodate that size difference.

If the aesthetics of your device are a big concern for you when shopping for an extended battery then I’d suggest getting the 1500mAh battery to give you just that little bit extra power to get you through the day. Now if you are a power user that doesn’t mind the extra size added to your device, then the 2600mAh battery is definitely the way to go. I was extremely impressed with it, and I would imagine that the average user can probably get 3-5 days use out of a single charge.


User Ratings & Opinions

Avg. Rating
Score 3.9Score 3.9Score 3.9Score 3.9Score 3.9
115 total ratings
(23 reviews)
57% rated Score 5/5 Score 5/5 Score 5/5 Score 5/5 Score 5/5
15% rated Score 4/5 Score 4/5 Score 4/5 Score 4/5
4% rated Score 3/5 Score 3/5 Score 3/5
5% rated Score 2/5 Score 2/5
18% rated Score 1/5
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Star Star Star Star Star IT WORKS !!!!!!!
User: Kevin H, May 24, 2011
Pros: Totally increased my ability to go all day before a charge is needed
Cons: -
So great I may go to the extended battery Im a power user so i need lots of Juice
Star Star Star Star Star Great Batttery!
User: Mr. Curve 8, Mar 1, 2008
Make sure that you charge it for 8 hours before you use it. Follow Seidios instructions down to the T.
Star Star Star Star Star Awesome battery life!
User: Mark H, Nov 11, 2010
Pros: 2+ days on a single charge
Cons: None
I have had this battery for a few days now. I am still going through the recommended 5-8 battery cycles. On my second cycle, I made it through my entire day with 80 remaining. Today, is the 3rd charge cycle, and Im experiencing similar results. I am excited to only have to charge my phone every other day with moderate/heavy usage.
Star Star Star Star Star Great Battery!
User: May A, Mar 20, 2012
Pros: Longer Lasting battery. Less charges in between.
Cons: So far, NONE
This is a great battery, I am glad I decided to go with it. It seems a little pricey compared to the price of the regular blackberry battery, BUT if you take into account that a regular blackberry battery from Verizon is about $30 an extra 12 or 13 doesnt seem that bad, PLUS it does work exactly as described! It is totally worth it! I am happy I splurged, I would have gotten the even longer battery but the size was a decisive factor for me. I know it would come with a cover to accomodate the larger battery but I figured I would have a hard time finding a nice snap on case for my phone so I am REALLY glad I went with This Choice. Thank you Seidio & Thank you Crackberry for bringing us an affordable battery.
Star Star Star Star Star I love
User: Fla D, Apr 1, 2011
Pros: Super battery
Cons: -
I love this strong battery, i note this a deep gain on battery life.
Fit like original battery, no problem on battery door (close very well) i have Curve 3G.
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