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Seidio 3500mAh Extended Battery with Door

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BlackBerry Seidio 3500mAh Extended Battery with Door

Product Description

Specifically for the Blackberry Bold, this extended battery from Seidio will always keep your Smartphone powered up and ready and it includes a battery door!

You can now rest assured that your Blackberry Bold will get the power it needs with this powerful 3500 mAh Li-Ion battery. Keep one in your car, at the office, or use it as a replacement.


  • Delivers performance and reliability
  • Perfect to use as a spare or as a replacement
  • Battery door included

CrackBerry Expert Review

Seidio 3500mAh Battery for the BlackBerry Bold
Reviewed by Al Sacco
In the past, BlackBerry devices were lauded for their outstanding battery life, and anyone making the switch from an older device, such as an 8700 or an original Pearl 8100, to the new Bold is sure to notice a drastic change. That decreased battery life is due largely to the Bold's 3G support (GSM/UMTS/HSDPA), Wi-Fi and power-hungry 624-MHz processor. But thanks to accessory maker Seidio and its line of batteries for the BlackBerry Bold, the ability to go 24 hours or more on a single charge is easily within your reach.

The battery itself works as advertised, delivering significantly more battery life than the standard Bold battery. If longer battery life is more important to you than ensuring your device remains in pristine condition, and you can deal with the additional size and weight, you'll find a friend in Seidio's 3500mAh Extended Battery with door for the Bold.


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Star Star Star Star Star Great Great product!
User: Scott L, Dec 9, 2010
Im very impressed with this product. I was a little concerned about how the new back cover would look on the phone, but it really looks great, and does not have a cheap look to it at all. So far the battery has been great and meets my expectations.
Star Star Star Star Star Great Buy
User: Nate W, Apr 20, 2010
I used to have issues with my BOLD battery life being on 3G and corporate emails coming in. With this, its no issue at all. I go all day and Im down to maybe 80 battery. Great buy. Now if I could just find a holster to fit it.
Star Star Star Star Star Extremely happy
User: Dave C, Apr 7, 2010
The original battery was having a hard time staying charged for a 10 hour work day... and this was with mostly emails coming through, and minimal phone usage.
When I put this battery in, I could go with the same minimal usage for 3 days before needing a charge... with heavy usage, gps enabled apps running etc, i can still go 2 days between charges.
Definitely a great asset, and it still fits in the leather holster, though a little snug.
Star Star Star Star Star Great Battery!
User: Derek N, Jun 28, 2009
Wow, my default battery would almost be completely dead after 5-6 hours of normal use. I bought this battery and charged it over night. I woke up at 8am taking it off the charger and 11pm that same day, it still had 20 battery life left! Very happy customer. Only downfall is the phone is heavy like a Zack Morris phone but this is one minor glitch for the bold lovers! BTW the SKIN does fit, just a little stretched out, but not too bad im still using it.
Star Star Star Star Star Very nice fit and finish
User: Joe D, Feb 3, 2009
Pros: DEEP reserve of power. Everything fits like OEM.
Cons: None yet.
I wish all my purchases were this straight forward. Choose product, buy product, live happy.
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