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Seidio Rubberized Hard Case

Other BlackBerry accessories by Seidio
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BlackBerry Seidio Rubberized Hard Case

Product Description

This case was specifically designed for the BlackBerry. Only 1.2mm thick, it offers protection against scratches yet does not add a substantial amount of weight to your Smartphone. To make this case as slim as possible, the additional SD card holder and belt clip have been removed.

Designed to work with the Seidio 1500mAh Extended Battery ONLY.

The rubberized material allows for a better grip on your phone. The smooth surface material of this case allows for easy insertion and removal from your pocket or purse. The material that this case is made up of is quite durable, flexible, and very hard to break or crack!

With an expanded area around the keyboard and screen, it's easy to use! It has cut-outs for the audio jack, data port, SD slot, keyboard, touch screen, and reset hole (with the purchase of one of our battery covers with matching reset holes).

The most innovative locking mechanism provides a maximum amount of protection and security to most BlackBerry. Once the case is on your , it will not come apart easily and will remain safe and secure.

User Ratings & Opinions

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Star Star Star Star Star NOT for the extended battery!
User: Tracy D, Dec 7, 2008
I will start this one star review with a disclaimer. I really like this case. It is slim compared to most hard cases, and the rubberized texture is fantastic. Id love to have a case like this for my Storm.
Access to buttons is good, and the speaker port on the back is excellent for sound.

Here is why this review is one star.

This case, made by Seidio, the same manufacturer of the extended battery, listed in the extended battery case fit section, stating that it fits in the description, DOES NOT FIT WITH THE EXTENDED BATTERY FOR THE 8100!

When I purchased my Storm, I gave my beloved 8100 to my step daughter, a 14 1/2 year old uber texter who is known to be hard on her phones. I made the decision to get her an extended battery so the phone would make it through the day (yes, she texts so much that she can kill the pearl battery in a day), and also wanted to find some protection which would accomodate it. This seemed to be the perfect combination, especially since the case was tight and slim (shes 14 and looks are everything). This is to be a Christmas gift, and in trying the combination out while she sleeps, I find that the two components are mutually exclusive. They are 2 great tastes that cant go together.

Now I luckily, happen to be very good at performing subtile modifications to things to make them work on things never intended. So I am going to massage the case to make it work. However, if you make a purchase of this otherwise good case, thinking it will fit with the extended battery, dont. Cause it wont.
Star Star Star Star Star Do NOT buy this case
User: Dean M, Apr 10, 2008
Pros: Good protection
Cons: breaks very easily
I have owned two (2) of these cases for my Pearl. Why two? Because the very small "lip" that holds the two halfs of this case together keep breaking off. Having just broken the second case, I am moving to another product.

My experience with Seidio products has been very poor. They are poorly designed and even more poorly built.

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