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Seidio Spring-Clip Holster

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BlackBerry Seidio Spring-Clip Holster

Product Description

Ultimate in convenience and functionality, this holster from Seidio will secure your Storm on all sides and will give you quick and easy access.

The unique spring clip holds most BlackBerry in place and lifts for quick access, while the face-in design will protect your touch screen from scratches and other mishaps. There is also easy access to the connectors and function keys.

This sturdy holster, made from soft touch rubberized material,  will maintain BlackBerry's "sleeper" function and will also fit with Seidio's extended batteries.

CrackBerry Expert Review

Score 4Score 4Score 4Score 4Score 4 Seidio Spring Holster for the BlackBerry Storm
Reviewed by Gary Mazo
I love my Storm, but this thing is kind of big. It is just big enough to be uncomfortable in my front pocket - which is too bad. I sometimes feel uneasy about putting it in my coat pocket unprotected - I don't want to scratch the screen (or the nice shiny finish for that matter.) So, what am I to do? I have never really been a fan of "Holsters," I think they make me look like a 45 year old businessman, oh wait...I guess that's what I am. Anyway, I was please when the Seidio Spring Clip Holster showed up - it offers a nice way to "holster" my Storm and also use it without a case blocking features, buttons or the screen.

This is a great holster - I like the design, I like the strong clip at the top - it allows for easy removal yet seems to hold the Storm pretty tight when in the holster. The inclusion of the "sleeper magnet" is a nice feature and a welcome one for diehard BlackBerry Holster users.


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86 total ratings
(24 reviews)
72% rated Score 5/5 Score 5/5 Score 5/5 Score 5/5 Score 5/5
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Star Star Star Star Star Great holster
User: Jeff B, Apr 25, 2009
Pros: Easy in and out, secure holding, soft-lined screen protection
Cons: Cant charge while in holster
A nice holster-style clip that works with the Seidio Innocase protectors, its secure but still easy to insert/remove the Storm. As an added benefit it also seems to be fixing my peeling screen protector. The only downside is that I cant fit the OEM charger into the USB port while the phone is in the holster, but Im sure a quick hit with a Dremel will fix that.
Star Star Star Star Star Superb!!
User: D (leathernuts) A, Feb 11, 2009
Pros: Rapid Deployment, Tight Fit, Quality
Cons: Zero
Great product. Have been using them since my Treo days, curve and now Storm. Everyone in the office here uses them as well. One thing I would like to mention is where the spring clip makes contact at the top as you are placing the phone in the holster is that after a period of time it may creat very slight wear marks. what I did was cut a small peice from an old unused treo screen protector and place it there. Actually the phone slides in easier now. I guess less friction.. Just thought Id throw it out there!
Star Star Star Star Star Quality Product
User: John R, Dec 23, 2010
Pros: lightweight, well made, easy to use
Cons: Phone could be released accidentally
Ive had this product for about 2 weeks and Im very pleased with it. It seems to be very well made. It is very easy to insert and release phone from this carrier. It is possible, as noted by other reviewers, to have the phone accidentally released from the holder if you lean against something that releases the spring-loaded clip that goes over the top of the phone. Overall, a very good product at a reasonable price. I would devinately recommend this product.
Star Star Star Star Star recommended!
User: Nick G, Apr 8, 2009
bought this early january, love it love it love it. only beef (and its MINOR) is that you cant charge your phone with this attached. but seriously, is that a bad thing? nope!
Star Star Star Star Star EXCELLENT holster, AND fits with CM Barely There cases!
User: Robb O, Jun 3, 2010
Pros: Extremely easy to get in/out WHILE also being very secure. Firm swivel holds position. Screen In design greatly enhances protection. Very nice soft matte finish.
Cons: None noted
Best holster Ive ever used for combined ease of access and protection. AND the absolute best thing is that I can keep the phone in a protective shell while also using the holster. The shell that I use is the Case Mate Barely There series. Love these shells anyway, and the fact that they work with holster is uber convenient and adds significantly to the protection of the device while holstered. Great combination.
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