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Seidio Spring Clip Holster

Other BlackBerry accessories by Seidio
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BlackBerry Seidio Spring Clip Holster

Product Description

The Seidio Spring Clip Holster holds most BlackBerry securely in place, and then lifts for quick access.

Both the felt liner and the face-in design protect your screen from scratches and exposure to outside elements, and Seidio's signature soft touch coating provides a better feel and added grip.

This holster can be worn in any one of the seven different positions, ranging between horizontal and vertical.

In addition, all BlackBerry phones retain the sleeper function when placed in the holster.


  • Spring Clip lifts for easy access and removal
  • Felt Liner and face-in design protect the screen
  • Rotating Swivel Belt Clip with choice of seven angles
  • Supports Sleeper Function

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Star Star Star Star Star Best Case Hands Down
User: Nick F, Mar 25, 2010
Pros: Lightweight, strong clasp, slim design...
Cons: None
The best case/holder for Blackberry 9700. The best part is you can see you indicator light blinking just by looking down at the phone while it is attached to your belt (great for silent mode). Also works perfectly if you have an extended battery.
Star Star Star Star Star This is the best holster Ive ever found.
User: Charles L, Jan 16, 2010
Pros: Glas-filled, poly construction, clip doesnt break. slim design
Cons: Non that Ive discovered
I first used this holster after trying about a half dozen other cases/holsters with poor luck on a Blackberry Curve 8310. The clips would break (at the fulcrum) the spring would fail Leather was either too tight or too loose The leather covered clips were either too slippery or too short to stay on a wide belt. Something always went wrong. (I broke a lot of holders just snagging on a seat belt or something that would catch the phone on my waist.} Then I discovered the Seidio Spring Clip holster.

At first, it looked a little "lacking" but I quickly found the "latch" mechanism is very positive. It grips securely without damaging the phone but yet its very easy to release. Most importantly, the belt clip is perfect. It has a tight spring and a long arm to wrap over eve a 2 inch wide belt. A little "lip" on the end extends over the edge of the belt to prohibit the holster from sliding up and off of the belt and the clip is substantially built out what appears to be a glass-reinforced resin material that has so far, been unbreakable. In ordering one for my new, Blackberry 9700.
Star Star Star Star Star Genious Combination
User: Yasin A, Dec 4, 2009
Pros: Perfect fit (no slop), Sleeper function, Slim profile and fit close to body,
Cons: Snagging on top retaining clip when on belt without phone in it
The seido spring clip case (without the innocase) is an amazing combination with the 9700. First, about the case itself: Superb engineering and production for a perfect fit (and with the polymers used to make it, i can confidently say that individual cases wont vary....i.e., you wonít get a dud). The clip will confidently hold your otherwise unprotected 9700 with confidence that in the small event that it came loose from your belt, the case would still shield the phone from any damaging impact.
This design (without any other protectors, condoms, etc...) allows it to fit very close to the body. Also, the method of release and entry allows me to wear un-tucked shirts and not have to show my skin while lifting up my shirt to pull it out of the top. I can also access my Bold II while sitting and not have to shift my body to remove it
When you press the phone into position, the sloped top of the 9700 lets you do this in one swift action, requiring a quick push into place and once itís there, thereís no question itís secure.
I recommend this to anyone who enjoys using their phone as is, without any additional protection (because we all know that if you cover your phone with a protective case, youll never get to see what youre protecting....the exterior of the phone is already enough of a shield to the interior electronics. The engineers at RIM work on assuring this because they donít want people breaking their product either)
Star Star Star Star Star Holster
User: Thomas F, Apr 12, 2011
Nice but wears terribly on top of phone (where lock and mute button are). If you get this holster and have a brand new phone you will notice the rubbing at the top and be GREATLY dissapointed and have to buy a new top piece to make it new again. For those who do not care good holster, probably the best on the market.
Star Star Star Star Star Eh.
User: Simon L, Feb 1, 2010
Pros: Clip is strong and durable. Light weight.
Cons: TOO EASY to unclip.
The holster is actually not a too bad of a holster. It does what it says it will do, which is hold the phone in place. The problem is that it the clip used to hold the phone in place is so easy to flip up. If youre running or accidently bump into someone the clip can flip up causing your phone to take a unwanted fall to the ground. If youre just going to walk around this case is fine. Its stylish and lightweight, but if you plan to be on the move and want to be able to not have to worry about making sure the clip is still holding onto your phone everytime you bump it than I would suggest a different holster.
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