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Speck Products SeeThru

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Price: $24.95
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BlackBerry Speck Products SeeThru

Product Description

Protect your BlackBerry Curve and keep it slim and sleek! Get great protection and functionality with the SeeThru case and holster. SeeThru cases are made of translucent hard plastic to beautify and protect. 2-piece snap together SeeThru case includes screen protection and removable swivel hoslter.

  • great screen protection
  • removable swivel holster (belt clip)
  • full phone functionality while your phone is in the case
  • protects yet keeps a slim profile


CrackBerry Expert Review

Score 4Score 4Score 4Score 4Score 4 Official Review
Reviewed by Gary Mazo
The Speck SeeThru case fit perfectly onto the BlackBerry. I did feel some “sharpness” around the cutouts of this case. Very important was that the camera lens was not obstructed nor were any of the keys on the front of the phone. There was no added glare by having the screen covered. One curious thing about the finish of this case was that there was a seam in the upper left hand corner of the case – sort of small square. This was in the area where the case seals together – so, my guess is that it was simply re-enforcement of the plastic.


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Star Star Star Star Star clearly the best
User: Blane B, May 19, 2008
Pros: fits purfectly to the phone, covers all areas that you worry about becomming scratched, phone still slides perfectly into a holder
Cons: phone will not charge in a cradle, clasps at top of case can be difficult to get closed, included clip could be better.
i biught this case when I bought the phone. It has been perfect. i like to use a side case as well an this clear case fits into any of them perfectly. i dont even realize the clear case is even on unless I have to take out the battery. I will keep this on the phone for as long as I own it.
Star Star Star Star Star Works BUT needs improvement
User: A r m a, Jun 1, 2009
Pros: Protects, Fits Perfectly, Stayed on When Dropped
Cons: Holster is a pain, phone comes off easily
I bought this case because I needed to protect my Curve. A few days after I got it, it got caught on something and popped out from the holster. First thing I thought, its going to break. To my surprise, the case did not break nor did the phone come out from it. To date, Ive dropped it three times and the case hasnt broken. For what I paid, it works for me. I didnt give it five stars due to the fact that theres some things that need improvements. I agree with many of the reviews from other people.
Star Star Star Star Star Awesome Protector
User: Skylar T, Jun 28, 2008
Pros: Screen protection is awesome.
Cons: Awkward fit.
This case is made to protect your Curve and I believe it does an awesome job of that.
I love the fact that there is plastic that covers the screen, thats the part that you really want to keep looking new since you can easily replace the back door cover.
The holster is cheap and I wouldnt ever use that.
But you can easily slide the phone with the case on it into your pocket (Im speaking for guys, girls you know your pockets are basically for show and nothing fits in them).
I slide the phone in my back pocket and have sat on it a few times without breaking, given I only weigh 125 pounds but I dont think the case would crack unless you drop it with the top of the phone hitting the ground first, because thats where the clasps are to hold the two pieces together.
You can tell that the plastic shell is on the phone but I dont see that as a con. You would only buy this if you want to protect the phone. The Curve is still beautiful to me even in the shell and Im not trying to show off my phone I just want it to work.
That being sad the mute button is hard for me to push and I always lock my keyboard by holding it so I can put it in my pocket. The button on the right hand side under the volume rocker is also odd to get to because it isnt rubberized like the left had side button.
You can still get to the headphone jack and the charging port.
I did notice that the shell cuts the signal by two bars at my house and sometimes I cant get my Wi-Fi to work with the shell on. The speaker is also blocked by the thick-er plastic and I wish this case would have a cut out over the BlackBerry written on the back door like other cases. (If you take off the back door that where the speaker and antenna is.)
I like the fact that they have a cut out for the camera and flash and even the little mirror. There is also a cut out for the LED light, which I dont really understand its just another hole for dust to get into.
The case is a little squeaky when your writing an e-mail, texting, or using the IM clients. (You get used to it after awhile but its worth mentioning.)
If you want a shell that is going to protect you Curve this is awesome if you are more worried about people seeing your phone is think-ish plastic and wondering what they would think this isnt for you. And if you often find yourself is shady service areas I would try another case that has an extra opening for a better signal.
Star Star Star Star Star Works for me
User: Hail M, Apr 19, 2008
Pros: Protects, stayed on when dropped
Cons: Side buttons harder to reach
It fits my needs while working, saves my Curve. I usually have one hand for phone, and can set this down without worrying. I wish the back had some texture to prevent sliding around surfaces, but I stuck something onto it for that. Got good deal for ten bucks - would not have paid twenty or more.
Star Star Star Star Star The best case ever
User: Angelo C, Mar 3, 2008
Ive had this case on the phone since I bought it for christmas. Thats been more than 3 months ago, and still the phone is in pristine condition. The case has a few scratches now, it glows at night when the led flickers due to notifications. The phone looks and works great in this cover. The holster is another story, it looks great but it is a chore to remove the phone from the holster, aside from that, the fact that it is tough turn adds to its sturdiness. I did bump the door once and it fell into my car... But simply walking into work, or in a mall, you could feel secure that you wont lose your blackberry.
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