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THB BURY Comfort Cradle (Clearance)

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BlackBerry THB BURY Comfort Cradle

Product Description

Note: Not eligible for promotions, already on clearance

The THB Comfort Cradle Car Kit for the BlackBerry is designed in such a way that it can be combined with Bluetooth hands-free car kits of any manufacturer.This cradle car kit also offers unlimited talk time in the vehicle thanks to the battery charging function. This advanced car kit also improves transmission and reception performance due to the external antenna. The cradle allows a comfortable and secure placement of your mobile phone when driving.

This kit includes: Cradle for BlackBerry, Cigarette lighter power plug, installation accessories, and an antenna.

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Star Star Star Star Star High Quality Engineering and Construction
User: Rock R, Nov 22, 2008
Pros: Well built. Quality cables, Fits precisely.
Cons: Vague multi-language instructions.
This cradle is very well engineered and built. My Blackberry Bold fits very precisely. The cradle is hinged in the middle so the phone is inserted into the lower half then the top is gently pushed down into the latch. It is held very securely until you push the relase button. The cradle then hinges back to the open position due to a light spring. The materials used appear to be a durable composite plastic. The antenna is held to the windshield with double stick tape that comes attached from the factory. The antenna cable is quite stout and about eight feet long allowing plenty of slack for any installation. It attaches to a molded jack near the cigarette lighter adapter on the nearly four foot long power cord. This allows to cradle to have a much cleaner installation as only one cord comes out of the back. The cradle can be mounted to any flat surface with the included quick relase adapter. Bury was even thoughtfull enough to include both a set of screws with ny-loc nuts and sheet-metal screws which should be sufficient for most applications. The charging circuit claims to be a "smart" charger with automatic shut-off though I wired it to a switch so I cannot vouch for it. I assume that if it is as well engineered as the rest of the unit, it will work as advertised. You will not be disappointed in this unit!
Star Star Star Star Star Bury Comfort Cradle for 9000
User: Travis S, Feb 28, 2009
Pros: Secure/Tight Fit
Cons: Included mounting hardware and antenna connector
The cradle itself is great. It provides a very tight fit to secure the Bold. It provides for single-hand removal with the use of a single thumb button. Allows access to the headphone jack so that you can play your music on your car stereo. Works great with bluetooth.

The things I didnt like. First, the provided mounting hardware is essentially four screws or four bolts with lock washers. This is pretty useless on its own. Nobody is going to drill four screws into the interior of their car. It requires a car-specific mounting bracket for proper fit, these will cost about the same amount as the cradle itself. I made my own, but I wouldnt consider this "easy" installation. Just something to think about. Second, there is a single cable coming out of the cradle. This cable is plugged into the cigarette lighter for power. The issue I had with the cable is that it has a non-removable Y connector in it, that allows you to plug in the optional antenna cord. Unfortunately, the Y connector is about 3 inches from the cigarette plug which is in plain view. It is not a "clean" look, which it easily could have been if the connector was removable or located else where on the cable.

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